Agriculture and Environment Law

PM-ADVOGADOS provides services and support to its customers in the scope of:

  • Bald Legislation
  • Constitution, merger and split of agricultural companies
  • Constitution, merger and split of agricultural cooperatives
  • Elaboration of rural lease, agricultural partnership, purchase and sale of rural property contracts
  • Analysis of rural lease contracts
  • Analysis of agricultural financing contracts
  • Legal procedures for the exercise of preemptive rights, possession, adverse possession, servitude
  • Judicial and extrajudicial collection of rural debts
  • Challenging environmental infractions
  • Initiation of civil liability actions for environmental damage
  • Monitoring of administrative and judicial proceedings involving environmental, civil or administrative liability
  • Preparation, review and negotiation of environmental clauses in contracts
  • Monitoring of the judicial process for crime against activities dangerous to the environment, crime of damage to nature, crime of pollution and crime of forest fire
  • Consultancy on rural issues subject to compliance with environmental legislation

Direito da Agricultura e do Ambiente

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