Credit Recovery

PM-ADVOGADOS provides services and support to its customers in the scope of:

  • Credit collection by extra judicial means
  • Interpellation of debtors for payment - telephone contacts; sending e-mail; sending registered letter
  • Debt negotiation
  • Elaboration of an extra-judicial agreement with debtors, establishing payment terms and conditions, with guarantee and penal clauses
  • Collection of credits by judicial means
  • Legal advice and monitoring under an Injunction Procedure
  • Legal advice and monitoring under the Pre-Executive Extrajudicial Procedure (PEPEX)
  • Sponsorship and monitoring of the Execution Process and steps taken (attachment and executive sale)
  • Sponsorship and follow-up on the debtor's insolvency action
  • Sponsoring and monitoring the debtor's insolvency process and claiming credits

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