Criminal and Administrative Offenses

A PM-ADVOGADOS it acts both in the scope of the criminal offense and in the offense of the offense. Dealing with the criminal and administrative offense of natural and legal persons.

  • Provision of information and opinions in criminal and administrative matters
  • Elaboration of criminal complaint
  • Assistance to the accused in questioning before the Public Ministry
  • Assistance to the accused in interrogation of the defendant before the Investigating Judge, for the application of a coercive measure other than the term of identity and residence
  • Follow-up of the interviewing assistant during the investigation phase
  • Monitoring of witnesses in due diligence during the investigation, investigation and trial phase
  • Follow-up of the investigation, in its entirety, from its opening to its closing, with the practice of all acts and the request of all diligences considered relevant
  • Deduction of private accusation, in cases of crime of a particular procedural nature
  • Elaboration of a hierarchical intervention request
  • Opening of instructions by the accused, in case of accusation, and by the assistant, in case of filing
  • Follow-up of all diligences in the instruction phase
  • Assistance to the accused and the assistant in the instructional debate
  • Filing an appeal against the final decision on non-pronunciation and pronunciation, depending on their admissibility
  • Elaboration of the defense to the indictment and the claim for civil compensation
  • Assistance to the defendant in all trial sessions
  • Filing of appeals, by the defendant or the assistant, in case of disagreement with the final decision handed down
  • Assistance to the defendant in legal cumulation processes
  • Assistance to the defendant in summary, abbreviated and extremely special special processes
  • Monitoring the execution of the sentence, namely, in case of suspension of the prison sentence; community work; payment of a fine in installments and, with regard to effective imprisonment, procedures for granting parole and judicial exits.
  • Presentation of written defenses and legal challenges in administrative infractions
  • Economic and financial crime (money laundering, fraud, corruption, fraud, among others)
  • Medical negligence
  • Crimes arising from violations of safety, environmental or public health rules
  • Tax and social security crimes
  • Cybercrime
  • Regulatory compliance

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