Digital Law

PM-ADVOGADOS advises on issues related to digital law and the use of technology.
Every citizen has the right to be informed by online services and software companies about the treatment and storage of their data, about access to them, about the right to demand their rectification or elimination and, finally, about the right opposition to the transmission that they may or may eventually make to third parties.
PM-ADVOGADOS provides services and support to its clients in the scope of:

  • Identification of the authors of anonymous offensive emails and messages
  • Provisions and notifications for the removal of illegal content online (offenses, false profile, misuse of name, image, brand)
  • Actions for damages against those responsible for online crimes
  • Advice on procedures for rectifying or deleting data
  • Follow-up to the criminal investigation for cyber crimes (presence in all due diligence before criminal police authorities and criminal courts)
  • Compliance for informational or e-commerce sites, introducing policies appropriate to the interest of companies, respecting the laws in force
  • Judicial procedure to prevent blocking of websites and the provision of online services
  • Initiation of damages actions for improper removal of lawful content
  • Negotiation, acquisition and transfer of domain names and digital assets
  • Preparation of legal opinions on issues related to digital law
  • Startup companies constitution
  • Advisory and litigation advice for startups and digital businesses, protection and legal review in the areas of intellectual property, consumer law, civil liability, and taxation
  • Assistance in the licensing process for the management and operation of electronic platforms
  • Advice on complaints from users of electronic platforms
  • Advice on the registration of personal data processing activities under the General Regulation of the European Union on the protection of personal data, Data Protection Officer

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