Visa created for looking for work and approval to streamline processes

Changes to the legal regime for the entry, stay, departure and removal of foreigners from the national territory enter into force today. (Law 18/2022, of August 25th.)

A new type of visa was created that facilitates the entry into Portuguese territory of foreigners looking for work.

Digital nomads will also be able to have a residence or temporary stay visa.

There are now new types of visas for looking for work for a maximum period of six months, as well as the streamlining of visas for foreign higher education students who want to come to Portugal.

Above all, there is a facilitation in the issuance of visas.

"The prior opinion of the SEF, which the law provided for, is waived. Holders of a temporary stay visa may apply for a residence permit CPLP. In order to promote safe migration, a new type of visa is created for the looking for work, facilitating the entry into Portuguese territory of foreigners who come looking for work", explained Ana Catarina Mendes, Deputy Minister for Parliamentary Affairs.

Digital nomads will also be able to have a residence or temporary stay visa.

"Procedures are simplified and the validity of documents is increased. It is a diploma that aims to speed up and simplify procedures for third country citizens who want to come to Portugal and to have the possibility of revitalizing our labor market, attracting more resources humans", explains the minister.

For families who want to come to Portugal there are also changes. Until now it was necessary for the foreign citizen to be legalized to be able to call the family to the country, but it will be possible to bring the family soon. "The idea is that the person can call the family and everyone can benefit from the visa", explains the minister.


Job Search Visa:

- Enables the holder to enter and stay in the national territory for the purpose of looking for work through a contract
- Authorizes the holder to carry out a dependent work activity, until the visa expires or until the residence permit is granted.
- It is granted for a period of 120 days, extendable for another 60 days, allowing entry into Portugal.

More news:

- Permission to accompany family members of the holder of a residence visa
- The issuance of the residence visa will be accompanied by the automatic allocation of tax identification numbers (NIF), social security (NISS) and national health service (user card) numbers.
- Speeding up the granting of study visas for higher education, no longer depending on the prior opinion of the SEF.