Registries and Notaries

PM-ADVOGADOS provides services and support to its customers in the scope of:


PM Advogados makes in your name, in a convenient and fast way, the records, information and registration requests you need, namely:

  • Car registration
  • Land registration
  • Civil registry
  • Qualification of heirs abroad. It is not always easy for Portuguese people residing abroad and foreigners who are not resident in the country to sign deeds of qualification for heirs in some Portuguese consulates. Our office will take care of these matters for you.
  • Dual citizenship


Decree-Law no. 76-A / 2006 of 29 March, gave Portuguese lawyers their own powers in the notarial function.

We are qualified to perform the following acts:

  • General notarial acts
  • Recognition of simple signatures and with special mentions, namely face-to-face and letter acknowledgments
  • Certification of copies and documents, in accordance with the originals
  • Translation certification
  • Specific notarial acts
  • In commercial companies: constitution, transformation, merger, split and dissolution of any type of commercial company
  • In associations and foundations: constitution, amendment of statutes, as well as all acts and contracts necessary for the exercise of the activity of these legal persons

Other services:

  • Recognition of signatures, simple or with mentions
  • Document authentication.
  • Certification of documents and translations
  • Marking, monitoring and scripture minutes
  • Land and commercial registers
  • Naturalizations and name changes
  • Divorces and separations of people and property, by mutual consent

Others Work Areas