Urbanism and Construction

PM-ADVOGADOS provides services and support to its customers in the scope of:

  • Negotiation of real estate transactions
  • Local Accommodation (AL.) - Establishment and registration of establishments within the scope of the Legal Regime for the Exploitation of Local Accommodation Establishments or Legal Regime for Tourist Enterprises: Houses; Apartment; “Hostel” Accommodation Establishment; Legal advice and monitoring of the activity of exploring Local Accommodation establishments; Accommodation contract, contracts derived from the employment relationship; Consumer legal protection: advice and litigation
  • Real estate divestment operations: corporate Real Estate or sale of real estate
  • Real estate investment operations: Project finance, mortgage finance, structured finance
  • Acquisition or development of real estate companies
  • Urban development of subdivision and legalization of clandestine neighborhoods
  • Drafting construction contracts, contracts, exchanges, leasing, buying and selling with or without encumbrances, mortgages
  • Fiscal framework of contractual options
  • Constitutions and changes in horizontal property
  • Drafting and negotiation of all types of real estate contracts
  • Planning to vacate leased buildings
  • Property use contracts (lease, assignment of use, usufruct, etc.)
  • Rent collection
  • Negotiating, revising and updating old rents
  • Ownership and defense of tenure in general
  • Litigation: eviction actions, repossession of property and property, adverse possession, utilities, rent collection, imposition of works on rented building, compensation for damage to the rented.


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