Who we are

PM-Advogados is a Portuguese law firm based in the North of Portugal, with offices in Porto and Alto Minho (Viana do Castelo and Ponte de Lima).
Despite being based in the north of Portugal, PM-Advogados provides legal advice and is present throughout the national territory.
Our mission is to provide services and legal advice «Full-service» with the highest standard of quality, rigor, discretion and above all with a strong focus on proximity to serving our customers.
With experience and security, we seek to innovate in the discovery of solutions, thus achieving legal advice tailored to the interests of our clients.



PM-Advogados has a team with transversal experience in several areas of Law, advising and accompanying its Clients in different sectors and areas of economic activity. The search for practical, innovative solutions aimed at solving our customers' problems is our mission.


A PM-Advogados has a team that permanently monitors market trends, always looking for innovation in order to be able to advise, monitor and encourage our clients' entrepreneurship.


We seek to be innovative in legal solutions and in the respective procedures, because we are focused on efficiency and effectiveness to achieve the best solution.